Guard Your Heart

It is Tuesday morning, and this is an impromptu reflection.

I came across the above photo on Tumblr this morning, and I was moved to write this.

First off, I must express my deep appreciation for Grace Kelly and those who share her way of thinking. She reminds us of a world that had a particular appreciation for virtues like modesty, and with this quote she touches on something that I fear is affecting so many people

Now, I’m not trying to judge, but this is something that I have given a generous amount of thought to.

I think that there is a perceived positivity in our society about giving away so much so quickly. This takes shape in a variety of forms: immodesty, a lack of emotional chastity, and, here’s the kicker, even social networking.
Now, this is not an absolute knock on social networking… duh, I’m using social networking right now to share this. It can be very positive.

However, I do have a genuine fear of particular uses of social networking. It always scares me when people say, “I will answer ANYTHING that comes in my askbox honestly for the next hour,” or when I browse those lists of possible questions some people post. I cringe. I should not know these things about you, and neither should the world.

Some things are not meant to be read as if they are part of “a layout in a magazine.” Some things are not meant for random people to know. There are particular things that should only be intimately known by your true friends, your spouse or your Creator - and certain things should possibly be limited more than that.

My plea: Don’t give yourself away too quickly.

Grace Kelly understood this.

And so does the Lord:
With closest custody, guard your heart, for in it are the sources of life.
Proverbs 4:23