My Favorite On Fire 2011 Moment

So, it's over... On Fire 2011 is finally said and done. For the last two months in preparation for the event, I was nervous, anxious, and excited. I never thought I would ever be an MC for an event of this caliber. The MC team and I put in work and training for the event. We learned how to MC, we wrote scripts, and we rehearsed for the stages we would be MCing for. Being an MC was a lot of work and by the end of it, I was exhausted. You would think my favorite part of the day was being able to MC for the first time or just being able to relax after my MC duties were said and done. Although those moments were great, my favorite part of the day was....
My favorite moment of the day was being able to watch the clouds. I bet you're thinking "What?! Watching the clouds?" There were a lot of great moments that day like seeing the Bishop perform with Matt Maher, celebrating mass with over 4,000 Catholics, or watching and singing to Matt Maher's set list for the concert. My greatest pleasure, my favorite moment was watching the clouds.

You see, from 7:45-10:15ish, the weather was a little gloomy. There were gray clouds and no sunlight. Even if the weather forecast said it was going to be clear, I was kind of doubting that the sun was going to come out because there wasn't any breaks in the clouds to see sunlight. Every now and again within the time frame, I would look at the clouds and notice that the wind was moving the clouds across the sky really fast.

Honestly, I've never seen clouds move across the sky as fast as I witnessed that day. Call me crazy but, I know God was moving the clouds so that He could give us a sunny day and by the time Holy Communion was being prepared the sun was beginning to shine. For the rest of the day, the sun was out and it was beautiful day.

During the concert, I took another look at the clouds and the clouds weren't moving at all, even the incoming clouds that were about to roll in stood still. In the morning, I saw God moving the clouds and that night I saw God keeping the clouds at bay as we worshiped Him in the music of Matt Maher, One Sonic Society, and All Sons and Daughters. I know this may sound a little corny but, I stood there in awe because of being able to witness God's power. Sometimes it's the little things, such as clouds moving by, that remind you of God.