#1: Words Matter

Here we go. We're less than 48 hours from the first celebration of the Mass using the 3rd edition of the Roman Missal here in the good ol' U S of A, and I've got my #1 reason for being excited: Words Matter.

I'm sure you're still groggy from the tryptophan turkey trip last night, so I will try and keep this short.

Basically, in any important relationship, the words we use matter. And if the relationship between Christ and His Church isn't an important relationship, I don't know what is.

You may have picked this up from my other posts, but one of my favorite images of the relationship between Christ and His Church is the image of Bridegroom and Bride. This relationship is most beautifully expressed in the liturgy. When a man and bride enter into the sacrament of marriage, in both a physical and spiritual way, two become one - yes, it's more than a Spice Girls song. Likewise, during a mass, two become one - Bride and Bridegroom join together in Holy Communion. More intimate than a kiss, more intimate than sex, when we receive the Eucharist, Christ is surrendering himself over totally - Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity - to us.

This type of relationship deserves beautiful words.

Ask any Bride what it felt like when her husband made his vows; ask any groom about hearing hers. Words matter.

We are quick to treat words for love songs, love letters, first dance songs, yearbook messages, birthday cards, good morning text messages, as important. The words spoken at mass are infinitely more important.

If we believe that Christ chose His words carefully, we should treat them with care and translate them accurately. Likewise, Christ's Bride has carefully chosen Her words to say in response to the Bridegroom - and I am super excited to speak them this weekend.

It's almost Advent, brothers and sisters. I hope you're excited for the New Missal, and I hope your excited for the Emmanuel.


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