New Shirts - Vocation Themed

It's Vocation Awareness Week, and we've got two new shirts to release for the occasion.

You'll find the two new shirts below. We here at BTS would like to remind you that we are soon approaching confirmation season, and these shirts or some of our other gear make great gifts for your special confirmandi. Check out the Be The Straw Store.

What On Earth? Tee

It's a deep question.

It's more than what your mother screams when she finds you drawing on the kitchen walls with Mr. Sketch markers. The question "What on earth are you doing for Heaven's sake?" is a thought-provoking one. What are you doing here on earth for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven? Have you asked yourself that question?

Search out the answers to that question, and you search for your own vocation.

Do Good Tee

It is often said that vocation is where a BOY or girl's joy MEETS the great needs of the WORLD.

That's what Feeny was telling his pupils to do. Go out and do good. Go out and make a difference in the world. Believe. Dream. Try. Live out your vocation... it's where JOY MEETS WORLD.

And there you have it, two new shirts.

 Pray for vocations.