NT Spotlight: Preface - 2nd Sunday of Lent

New Translations Spotlight is a quick look at some of the particularly beautiful prayers of the Roman Missal, Third Edition. As we come across them throughout the year, we'll post them. 

From the Preface of the Second Sunday of Lent
[...] For after he had told the disciples of his coming Death,
on the holy mountain he manifested to them his glory,
to show, even by the testimony of the law and the prophets,
that the Passion leads to the glory of the Resurrection.
Quick Reflection:
This prayer hits home for those of us that might be struggling through the Lenten season. Whether it is a tough sacrifice you are making, or a challenging penance you are doing, or a life-changing conversion you are trying to make, this prayer reminds us that suffering leads to joy, that mourning will be turned into dancing, "that the Passion leads to the glory of the Resurrection."