B16 Has a Message for You

My favorite quotes:
  • “Sometimes we tend, in fact, to reduce the term ‘charity’ to solidarity or simply humanitarian aid. It is important, however, to remember that the greatest work of charity is evangelization, which is the ‘ministry of the word’. There is no action more beneficial.”
  • God who is Love engages not only the heart but also the intellect: ‘Acknowledgement of the living God is one path towards love, and the ‘yes’ of our will to his will unites our intellect, will and sentiments in the all-embracing act of love. But this process is always open-ended; love is never ‘finished’ and complete.’”*
  • “Faith implants in hearts and minds the firm conviction that only this Love is able to conquer evil and death.”
*I know he’s just quoting himself from Deus Caritas Est, but it’s too good of a quote not to include.
Your fave quotes? Thoughts?