Shop News: A Coupon & Some New Products

Green Week Coupon

Save some Green, brethren. From now until March 5th save $5 on every order over $30.
Just enter this Coupon code at check out: GREENWEEK

New Product: Former Fetus – Baby Tee Romper

Dress your favorite little one in one of our favorite Pro-Life shirts. A fetus is more than just a clump of cells – remember, each of us was a fetus once, and even at that stage of our lives our genetic code was already defined leading to the unique individual that we are today.

New Products: Phone Accessories

Go and announce the Gospel, even when your voice shakes, or your reception fades. Rock your faith visually everywhere you go with these clean black and white phone cases available for your iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5, and Samsung Galaxy S III.

New Products: Snapback Caps

The word was made FRESH and dwelt among us. We dig snapback caps here at Be The Straw for several reasons: they are a great cover for a bad hair day, we are easily amused by snapping and unsnapping the adjustable strap, and they are a great way to spread a simple message of the faith. We've got three designs:
  • Agape – Greek for a self-giving, sacrificial love.
  • AMDG – Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam – For the greater glory of God
  • Fiat – Latin for “Let it be,” the beautiful response of Our Lady to God's will (Luke 1:38)