Money and God: 3 Lessons

Money makes the world go 'round. Well that and the conservation of angular momentum. And well, God.

Yes, God, that's what we talk about here. So, coming full circle - pun intended - we'd like to invite you to think about God and Money.

Check out this article written by our sister in Christ, and Ian's actual blood sister, Lisa E. In her article entitled 3 Lessons Learned Recovering from Retail Therapy, Lisa explores the relationship, or lack thereof,  between money and authentic happiness, and a deeper exploration of where God is in all of it.

Here's an excerpt (emphasis mine) to get you interested:
I fell for the lie that tells us that money can buy us happiness. But I learned that ultimately, God is the one that can bring you joy. Instead of turning to Him in times of distress, I engaged in frequent sessions of “retail therapy”. Instead of being thankful to Him in times of triumph, I rewarded myself with yet another purchase. In high school, I was active in ministry and proudly called myself a Catholic-Christian. In college, I put materialism before my God and my wants before His will. Needless to say, He knocked me off my high horse (St. Paul reference, anyone?)
Click the link to read the entire article and learn the three lessons that Lisa has to share with us all about money and God.