Livestream: Episcopal Ordination of Myron Cotta

Want to see an episcopal ordination? Check out today's livestream of Bishop-elect Myron Cotta's Ordination to the Episcopacy today at 2pm. Coverage begins at 1:30pm

The livestream link is:

More info from the release:
Pope Francis has appointed Reverend Monsignor Myron Cotta to serve as Auxiliary Bishop to the Diocese of Sacramento, serving 1 million Catholics across the community. Bishop-elect Cotta will be introduce and ordained in an elaborate ceremonial Mass, to be held at the ornate and historic Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in downtown Sacramento. The Cathedral is expected to be filled to its capacity of 1,200 parishioners, dignitaries, and guests for this very unique celebratory event. The Ordination and installation of a Bishop is a rare event in any Catholic community.

Bishop-elect Cotta is relocating to the Diocese of Sacramento from the Diocese of Fresno, where he has served for over 26 years. As a result, interest in this event is equally strong among the more than 1 million Catholics who reside in Fresno Diocese, as well.
You may even see one of your friendly Strawguys serving at the altar ;)